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2024 Fees Notes:

League Fee Breakdown as of 2-4-2024

March Game Fees: $380 / 15 = $25.33 per player.. rounded to $26

Home Games: 3 x Refs $100 = $300
Travel to Sand Springs: $80 for coach

April Game Fees: $260 / 15 = $17.33 per player.. rounded to $20

Home Game: 1 x Refs $100 = $100
Travel to Bartlesville: $80 for coach
Travel to Stillwater:  $80 for coach

OPC Fall Season League Notes:

1. GAME CARDS – We will use GotSport game cards for the rosters for league play. Each team will be required to provide a game card for each game. You can print these through your GotSport account. If you have any issues printing the game cards, please contact your club administrator for assistance.

– A USClub player will be required for each player to be able to participate in the game, including CPPs. These will be checked before each game by the Referee crew.

3. REFEREE FEES – The HOME team is responsible for paying referee fees in cash before the kickoff of each game. Here is the breakdown per home game, and you can find more detailed information on the OPC website:

  • U11 & U12 (9v9) – $100 ($40 center/$30 AR1/$30 AR2)

– For league play, home teams will wear white or light jerseys and away teams will wear dark jerseys.

5. GAME LENGTHS – U11 & U12 will play 30 minute halves, U13 & U14 will play 35 minute halves, and U15 & U16 will play 40 minute halves, U17 and up are 45 minutes halves.

6. CLUB PLAYER PASS (CPP) – Teams can use up to three (3) Club Player Pass players per game. Teams can NOT use players that play in the same division (i.e. both teams play in U11 Boys Division 1)

7. ENTERING OF SCORES – At the conclusion of each game, the HOME team will be required to enter the final score into GotSoccer. They will collect BOTH game cards from the referee. The information needed for entering the score will be at the top of the game card, including any cards given. Along with the score, we ask that within 24 hours of the conclusion of the game, that the HOME team fill out our online Post Game Report form, where they will upload BOTH copies of the game cards. This is a Jotform found on the OPC website under the “League” tab.

Reschedule Jot Form for Games

Casey Other Teams Manager Contacts:

  • Lisa Noran / 15B Boys Select
  • Julia Deloera / 12G Girls Premier