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Recycled Apple Monitor Guitar Rig Pedal Board


Rig Down-sizing and Recycling Project Phase 1

My new pedal board made from a recycled Apple 20″ Cinema Display. This contains a Dunlop 535Q Wah, a TC Electronics black PolyTune mini, and a FAMC Liquid-foot LF+ Mini midi controller. What you can’t see is the rest of my rig, an EVH 5153 50 watt head with an Axe Fx II running in the effects loop. The LF+ Mini works extremely well for control the Axe Fx II and is extremely flexible and configurable. The learning curve for the Liquid-foot and the Fractal Axe Fx II can be steep. I have not even touched the surface on these two pieces of gear.

How I used the Apple monitor;

  • Gutted the monitor after it stopped working. (Had it for 11 years!)
  • Inserted a 1/4″ thick sheet of black expanded PVC cut to fit the interior
  • Added some cabinet handles using shallow hex wrench bolts
  • Drilled holes in the PVC for the Wah to sit securely with it’s rubber feet and velcro to add stability.
  • Velcro was used to mount the LF+ Mini.
  • I used a 1/2″ thick piece of expanded PVC, cut to fit just larger than the tuner, to be a riser. Secured this with 3M double stick automotive grade tape,
  • Secured the tuner to the riser with velcro.
  • I used a drill and a Dremel tool on the sides to rout out the entrance and exit points of my cables.
  • LF+ is powered by the Axe Fx with a 7 pin midi cable
  • The tuner and wah are powered by a Sanyo Pedal Juice rechargeable power supply.
  • The headlamp, switchable from white to green, was added to provide some visibility in the dark.

EVH 5153 50 watt with Axe Fx II in the effects loop.
EVH 5153 50 watt with Axe Fx II in the effects loop.